Sequencing our recount.

This morning we have thought about the sequence of events for our recount. Our events had to be in the correct order for us to write our recount later in the week. We were:
-In the airport
-on the plane
-the plane crashed
-in the desert
-packing our backpack
-collecting water and killing animals
-building the raft to escape the flood

Can you guess which freeze frame matches each event?
Can you write about a freeze frame?

Our visit to Morrisons

On Thursday we walked to Morrisons.
We looked at all the food in Morrisons that we had learnt about and talked about what food groups the food was in.
We took photos of the food to use to creste a healthy, well balanced plate of food.
What was on your food plate? Which food group was it in?

Numeracy- making a raft to escape the island!

Today in Numeracy the children have been thinking about how they can escape the island where we have crash landed in our plane.
They had to build a raft to carry 6 people ( and a wheelchair!) and get it to float.
No one managed to get it to float but we did use our skills of teamwork, perseverance, capacity, measuring of length and weight.
Have a look at our pictures.
Can you think why they didn’t float?
What would you do differently next time?

Science Investigation

4W created a science experiment about light and shadows.

We asked the question:
Will how close our pencil is to the source of light make a difference to the size of the shadow?

Have a look at our photos and the results and see what you think.
Write what you think happened.

Literacy Jobs!

Today in Literacy we decided on jobs that we might need to have to get to Lanka (an island) where our most favourite possession has been taken to and hidden in a cage by Juggernaut. Children acted those jobs.
Can you guess what each job is?
Can you think why we might need to do this job?

Add your ideas to this post please.