Parent’s Celebration

Today we celebrated the end of our topic about Romans by inviting our parents in to make Roman Mosaics with us.

The parents said:
“I enjoyed the morning and seeing what my daughter had been doing”.
It was another enjoyable activity which the parents enjoyed.”
“It was a great morning with the children. I really enjoyed helping and seeing what the children have been learning about.”

Have a look at our photos and finished mosaics!

Our Roman Trip

On Monday we visited Chester.
We went around the Dewa experience.
We visited the museum, got to try on Roman clothes, dressed up as Roman soldiers and marched through Chester. We got into different positions like the Roman army and learnt how to fight like a Roman.
Even though it was a bit cold and wet, we all had an interesting day which brought our Roman’s learning to life!
Have a look at our photos of the day.
What was your favourite part of the day and what did you learn about the Romans?

4W Parent’s Celebration

To end our topic called “Does everyone need the same food to survive?” our parents came in this afternoon to help us make crafts to decorate our room to celebrate the end of Ramadan and prepare for a feast to celebrate.

We made prayer mats, Ramadan good deed paper chains and Ramadan crackers.

Thank you to the parents/grandparents who came.
Their feedback said:
“It was lovely to do activities with the children and see what they have been learning in class.”

“There was a fun variety of activities, an enjoyable afternoon.”

“I loved spending the afternoon with my son!”

“A well organised afternoon that kept the children entertained.”

Have a look at some of our photographs of the afternoon together.

Sequencing our recount.

This morning we have thought about the sequence of events for our recount. Our events had to be in the correct order for us to write our recount later in the week. We were:
-In the airport
-on the plane
-the plane crashed
-in the desert
-packing our backpack
-collecting water and killing animals
-building the raft to escape the flood

Can you guess which freeze frame matches each event?
Can you write about a freeze frame?

Our visit to Morrisons

On Thursday we walked to Morrisons.
We looked at all the food in Morrisons that we had learnt about and talked about what food groups the food was in.
We took photos of the food to use to creste a healthy, well balanced plate of food.
What was on your food plate? Which food group was it in?