Separating mixtures

Today in our Science Lesson we were learning about separating mixtures.  We conducted a small experiment were we had to try and separate salt from water.


We learnt that salt is soluble and  does not disappear. We tried to use filtering to separate the mixture but it did not work because when we tasted the filtered mixture we could still taste salt – YYYYUUUUUUUKKKKKKKK!


We now know that evaporation is the best we to separate salt and water.

Take a look at our pictures.


6T’s teacher Award

This weeks teacher award went to Xander Jacobs for being a kind, thoughtful and caring person.

Xander was recognised by Mrs Armstrong for doing a really kind thing. She put others before herself and her own needs.

Thank you Xander – we are all very proud of you

Mrs Toshkezi, Mrs Armstrong and class 6T.