Blow-away Art


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This week we used the autumn leaves to create pieces of blow-away art; due to the windy weather this didn’t last long so we got a few quick pictures whilst they lasted!

Willow Class


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We had our first Forest School session this week: we identified hazards; learnt the Forest School rules; played stuck in the mud; and found finger puppets in the outside area.

Next week we hope to build dens for our puppets and maybe ourselves too.

Bear Grylls has nothing on us :


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Miss Singleton, Mrs Hindle and I have started our forest schools training today. The weather may not be great but it’s not a problem as we’ve put up our first tarpaulin shelter. We’re looking forward to bring all these exciting skills and activities back for the children ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

Birds and Mini Beasts


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The morning group spent lots of time bird watching through binoculars. Their interest was sparked through a matching game where they found cards with either the picture or name of a bird on and they had to match with a partner.

Other children were digging and collecting mini beasts and we discovered how important it is to keep slimy creatures like slugs, snails and worms away from insects with legs because their legs get sticky.

We all created bird feeders using pipe cleaners and cereal ย and placed them onto trees to feed the local birds.

Experimenting with mud


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Katie challenged us to create a suitable mixture of soil and water to create mud for throwing; we talked about it being “thick” and “solid” rather than “sloppy”, “watery” and “runny”. The children worked individually or in pairs to collect and mix mud to the perfect consistency.

Once the mud was ready we set boundaries with sticks and took turns to hit the target by throwing or flinging mud.

The children were then left to explore the mud and they created paintings;

and found worms.

Exploring the woodland environment


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During our first week of Forest School we created tree cookies; necklaces made from branches of a tree that we wrote our name on and decorated.

Since then we have played a game where they are hidden before the session in the woodland area for the children to search for, finding each others cookies encourages conversation with peers they may not always interact with.

We have also searched for animal puppets and competed in timed tag-team races against the other group to find all the puppets in the quickest time. The children supported one another, cheering each other on with the freedom to be as loud as they wish. With these puppets we were allowed to explore the environment to create a suitable home for the puppets. Children worked both independently, in pairs or as part of a group to make the homes using different areas and resources from the outdoor environment.

In addition to these tasks and challenges children have the opportunity to explore the environment using a variety of resources that they have access to to support their learning.


Each session has a set time for a drink and snack where the children discuss what they have done or made and then have time afterwards to develop further and explore their ideas.

Learning the rules


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At Forest School we explored the area to come up with areas and objects that might be a hazard.

Through highlighting these areas we came up with a set of rules which we must follow to ensure our safety during our Forest School sessions.

What is Forest School?


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Forest School is a unique outdoor learning experience that uses environmental resources to improve children’s self-esteem and develop teamwork through healthy activity.

ย ย 

The Forest School movement takes a learner-centred approach to outdoor education and play in a woodland environment; whilst allowing individuals to develop a relationship with the natural world and foster resilience, creativity and confidence.