Lower Key Stage Two Parents Celebration Morning



Zac and Ronnielee with their design for the quad!

During our parents celebration morning, children and their parents in lower KS2 were given a budget of £1,000 and were challenged come up with a design to improve the quad – but it had to be fully costed! Zac and Ronnielee’s design won in 3V. I particularly like the gnomes! Well done boys, very impressive!

Schools Police Quiz Winners!

During Assembly this morning our Year 6 children were presented with a trophy and certificate by our PCSOs and a representative from Network Rail for winning the Schools Police Quiz – for the second year in a row! The quiz is run by the PCSOs in all the local schools and is all about personal safety. This year we managed a stunning score of 46 out of 50. Well done to all our Year 6 children!




We’ve had a great couple of days with our work on ‘Aspirations’. Yesterday (23/3/15) we had Dan Gardiner, a Team GB Olympic Athlete in school. He ran PE sessions for four of our classes, and did a whole school assembly, talking to the children about the importance of having a goal,  and working hard to achieve it. He also brought in lots about looking after your body by exercising, eating the right food and getting enough sleep!  Lots of people have been blogging about Dan’s visit, have a look around the site to find them. Hot on the heals of that, I have spent part of the morning today (24/3/15) with our steel band at Temple Primary School, where we performed in their whole school assembly. Temple have recently started a steel band and wanted an established one to come and play to show their children what can be achieved. The band were excellent, performing numbers from, among others, Farrell Williams and Bruno Mars. The look on the faces of the children from Temple showed just how good our band are, and it’s nice that our children can go and raise aspirations at other schools, just as people are coming raising aspirations at ours. The photos below show the band performing! IMG_0012 IMG_0013 IMG_0014

Year Four Literacy

I spent part of the morning watching 4W being character detectives in literacy. They were trying to work out characters thoughts, feelings and actions form the texts and pictures they were given. The photos show how absorbed they were in their learning and and some of their conclusions!

IMG_0003 IMG_0004 IMG_0005 IMG_0006 IMG_0007

Year Five Writing

Jennifer brought this piece of work to me to see if her handwriting was good enough for her to qualify for her ‘Ink Licence’ meaning she can use pen in all her learning. A definite yes from me! Is your handwriting as good as Jennifer’s? Could you get your Ink Licence? Jennifer Writing

School Football Team

I spent the day yesterday (25th February) with Mr. Turner and the school football team at Manchester City Football Club’s new training ground, the CFA, for a Manchester Schools 6-a-side tournament. Eight of our children took part against teams from 71 other Manchester schools. The first phase was a league containing 5 other schools. We won all our matches, topped the group and qualified for the afternoon event. We were put into a group with three other league winners which meant the standard of opposition was very high. I’m pleased to say we won two and drew one match, meaning we qualified for the semi finals. Unfortunately we were beaten in the semi’s, but third out of 72 is a fantastic achievement. I was impressed not only by the standard of football, but also the effort, enthusiasm and attitude of our players. They were excellent ambassadors for our school.