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Miss Riley wrote: Lowry Boats
This morning we practised sketching boats just like Lowry and tomorrow we are going to try our best and paint them. This afternoon we have worked really hard in pairs and we have tried to build our own boats! When they are finished we will put them (More)
Miss Riley wrote: L S Lowry Sketches
This morning we practised drawing buildings in the style of Lowry. We used lots of different types of materials to draw with including pencils and pastels. We loved getting better and better at drawing as the lesson went on. (More)
Miss Riley wrote: L S Lowry
Our final topic for the year is all about a local artist called L S Lowry. We will be learning all about his life and his art work. To start the topic off we all experimented with paints and created a self portrait. (More)
Miss Singleton wrote: L.S Lowry
This half term our Topic lessons will be focused around the life and work of L.S Lowry. So far we have explored the five colours he preferred to use and experimented with colour mixing. Here we are using the colours to paint black and white photos (More)
Miss Riley wrote: Painting Models
We made the most of the sun yesterday afternoon and painted our models outside. It was lovely and relaxing, everyone worked as a team and did a really good job of painting. (More)
Miss Brown wrote: Trip to the Isle of Struay!
Today we took our first trip to the Isle of Struay to find out all about a Katie Morag and her family. We used maps of the Isle of Struay to create our own Struay to go up on the wall. We all had a turn at helping create the island. We (More)
Miss Riley wrote: Wild Things!
We had a great afternoon making the Wild Things from Where The Wild Things Are for our new Literacy and Numeracy book. Have a look at our hard work and comment below to let us know what you think! (More)
On Wednesday we had a visit from Mr Roberts. Mr Roberts took us on an adventure to an island we created together, an island like Britain. There was all sorts on our island, the children even wanted pirates and treasure 😃 . We made two lists, (More)
Miss Riley wrote: Superworm Characters
We had great fun making giant versions of the Superworm characters, we can't wait to put them on display and turn the corridor into a garden! Who was your favourite character to make? (More)