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Miss Singleton wrote: Science
This term in Science we have been exploring materials; here we are sorting materials into natural and man-made groups. (More)
On Tuesday 26th September, the children continued their learning on materials and their properties. In this session, the focus was on how objects can have their shape changed. The children began with a piece of playdough and were challenged to chan (More)
In 4T we have have been investigating light sources, shadows and reflection. What examples of light sources can you find? Can you find materials that are transparent, translucent or opaque?   (More)
Mr Darilngton wrote: Science - Everyday Materials
To complete a busy day in Maple Class the children took part in their first Science lesson of the year. This half term we are focusing on the Science area 'Everyday Materials'. During the lesson the children were challenged to match objects to the (More)
Mr Turner and 4T showed their green fingered skills whilst visiting Daisy Nook garden centre. Flowers, shrubs, fruit and garden gnomes they had a blast. They even had the opportunity to buy a few things to look after....lets see how that goes. (More)
Mrs Waddell wrote: Our Science Experiment
4W have been doing learning about Science. We carried out an experiment as a class to answer the question: Will the surface make a difference to how far the marble travels? We planned the experiment, predicted what we thought would happen, did the (More)