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Miss Riley wrote: World Book Day
We had a fantastic day dressed as our favourite book characters. The day started with family members coming into class to read with us and play reading game. This was great fun and everyone thought it went really quickly! Then we all took it in (More)
Mr Rutter wrote: World Book Day 2017
WHAT A GREAT DAY!! The children (and the staff) had a fun-filled day today: storytellers told amazing stories; prizes were won; fantastic costumes were worn; parents visited classes for a read-along and best of all, the staff got to dress up in co (More)
Mr Darilngton wrote: World Book Day
A huge thank you to all of the parents who were able to make it our World Book Day reading session. The children absolutely loved being able to read to you in school and later taking part in the World Book Day workshops put on by our visitors. It's (More)
Mrs Waddell wrote: World Book Day Story Teller
We were so lucky to have the Story Teller visit us today. Can you remember some of his stories? Can you make up a Story for someone else to tell? IMG_0083IMG_0080IMG_0084 (More)
At the end of World Book Day our parents came in to read with us. What was your favorite type of book? (More)
Mrs Studholme wrote: World Book Day 📚
We have had so much fun today! We did a staff swap and the teachers all ready stories in the opposite nursery which was really nice. We have had a story filled day, check out our photos! (More)
Mrs Leyland wrote: World Book Day
FS2 have enjoyed dressing up as book characters. We've had a busy day, starting with lots of our parents coming in to read some of our favourite stories to us. (More)
Can you guess the characters? If you could be any character from a book, who would you be? (More)