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Miss Riley wrote: This week in English
This week in English we are writing our own version of We're Going On A Bear Hunt. We have loved reading this book and using our imagination to think up our own ideas. (More)
Miss Brown wrote: Competition Time!
Have a look at the picture below and see if you can do some brilliant writing to go with it. You could do a poem, a setting description, a story, a fact file about Coll, a postcard from Coll…any type of writing you like. To make your writing as (More)
This half term we have really enjoyed reading Where The Wild Things are and all of the lovely learning we have done about it. Here are some examples of the writing we have produced throughout the topic. Comment below and tell us which piece of wr (More)
Miss Riley wrote: This Week in English
This week in English our Where The Wild Things Are topic will be coming to an end. We will be tying all of our work from the last 4 weeks together by writing a story all about what Max does when he returns home from his adventure. Does he start t (More)
Miss Brown wrote: Zoo
This week we started a new book in literacy, Zoo by Anthony Browne. We read the story then we created our own zoo maps. After that we became the animals in the zoo we used freeze frames. Then we thought about what our life in the zoo would be like we (More)
Miss Riley wrote: This Week in English
This week in English we are carrying on with our letter and conjunctions work, we are almost ready to write out letters to Santa! To practise, can you write any sentences using conjunctions (and,because, but, so). Use the picture below to give you (More)
Miss Riley wrote: Action Poetry Planning
Today we planned our Autumnal Action Poems, we all worked so hard on our plans and we remembered all of the tips that Ian Bland gave us when he visited. We will write the poems tomorrow morning, we can't wait! (More)